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16 Types of Fabrics And Their Uses

16 Types of Fabrics And Their Uses

There are many different types of fabrics available, each with its unique characteristics and qualities. Cotton is a popular natural fabric that is breathable and comfortable to wear, while silk is a luxurious and soft fabric that is often used for formal occasions. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is durable and easy to care for, while nylon is strong and lightweight. More like this, today we will talk about 16 types of fabric


16 Different Types of Fabrics

1: Acetate Fabric  – Acetate fabric has properties that make it feel soft and crisp as well as durable in quality. They can be used in clothing, uniforms, lingerie, linings, and interlinings.

2: Chiffon Fabric –  Chiffon fabric is lightweight, sheer, and transparent in nature. Chiffon is used for evening wear, blouses, and scarves.

3: Crepe Fabric – Crepe fabric consists of wrinkled and puckered surfaces with a rough feel and appearance and its usage depends on weight. It is used for dresses of all types including long dinner dresses, suits & coats.

4: Denim Fabric- Denim fabric is originally dark blue, brown, or dark grey in color, warp with a white or gray filling giving a mottled look, and used only for work clothes. It comes in heavy as well as lighter-weight materials and is used as pants, caps, uniforms, bedspreads, slipcovers, draperies upholstery, and sportswear.

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5: Georgette Fabric – Georgette fabric is characterized by its crisp body and outstanding durability. It is sheer and has a dull face.

6: Nylon Fabric – Nylon fabric is very strong, and resistant to both abrasion and chemicals. It is elastic, easy to wash, and quite lustrous. It also returns easily to its original shape and is non-absorbent in nature.

It has the capability to dry fast and is resistant to some dyes. It is used in women’s hosiery knitted or woven lingerie, socks, and sweaters.

7: Organza Fabric  – Organza fabric is a fine, sheer, lightweight fabric that is crisp in nature. It has a very wiry feel. It crushes or musses fairly easily, but it is easily pressed. Dressy type of fabric sometimes has a silvery sheen. It is used in evening dresses, trimming, millinery, and underlinings for delicate, sheer materials.

8: Polyester Fabric – Polyester fabric is lightweight, strong, and resistant to creasing, shrinking, stretching, mildew, and abrasion. It is readily washable and is not damaged by sunlight or weather and is resistant to moths and mildew.

9: Sateen Fabric – Sateen fabric is lustrous and smooth with the sheen in a filling direction. Its better qualities are mercerized to give a higher sheen. It is used in dresses, sportswear, robes, and pajamas.

10: Velvet Fabric – Velvet may be crush-resistant, water-resistant, and drapes well. It also has to be handled with care and pressed on a velvet board. It is used in evening wear at homeware.

11: Wool Fabric – Wool fabric is very resilient and resistant to wrinkling. It is renewed by moisture and well known for its warmth. And used as clothing, blankets, and winter wear.

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12: Yarn-dyed Fabric – In this type of fabric, yarn is dyed first, and then they are making fabric into different patterns like a check, dobby, stripe &, etc. This fabric is also used in various product categories such as clothing, upholstery, sportswear, and fashion.

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13: Greige Fabric – Greige fabric is a type of fabric that is raw fabric. Whenever a fabric is made on a machine, it is first made in Greige form. Greige fabric is made in both woven & knit and used in upholstery, garments &, etc.

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14: Jersey Fabric – This fabric is made from knitting & is a soft and stretchable fabric. This fabric is available in so many different varieties like single jersey, polyester jersey, micro pp, etc. They are used to make clothes like T-shirts, sportswear, undergarments & upholstery.

15: Viscose Fabric – Viscose is a type of rayon fabric and is a manmade fiber. Also called artificial silk, viscose fabric is so soft, lightweight & easy to use. They are used to make clothing, garments, ladies &, etc.

16: Canvas Fabric – Canvas is a plain-woven thick fabric. This fabric is made both in polyester & cotton. Canvas fabric durability is very good & it is easy to use. They are used in so many industries like upholstery, bag, footwear & clothing.

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