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What is Yarn Dyed & Fabric Dyed

Do you know what is yarn-dyed & fabric dyed fabric?

Whenever we talk about fabrics, we have heard these words quite frequently like, this is yarn-dyed & this is Fabric dyed or solid dyed. Today we will talk about the same in detail and try to understand what is yarn-dyed & Fabric ( Solid) dyed fabric.

So let’s start now

What is the yarn-dyed fabric?

Before explaining what yarn-dyed fabrics are, we need to understand what yarn is. Yarn is a kind of thread, In yarn-dyed fabric, we dye the yarn first as per color requirement and then try to make the woven and knit fabric from yarn. Yarn-dyed fabric makes the woven fabric more like a check, stripes, denim, etc. Yarn-dyed fabric is made in multiple colors, and as per the color, yarn of the same color would be dyed. These types of finish fabric are called yarn-dye fabric.


Blue Cotton Checkered Fabric


What is fabric dyed fabric?

fabric dyed and solid-dyed fabrics are those in which we make Woven and knit fabric from greige yarn once they become fabric, they are called greige fabric. After that we dye this greige fabric in a color, then it becomes Fabric dyed and solid dyed. Fabric dye is used in both woven and knit

Unstitched White Shirt Fabric


Difference between yarn-dyed and solid-dyed fabric
Yarn-dyed Fabric

# Yarn-dyed fabric has good color fastness.
# Yarn-dyed fabric is expensive compared to fabric-dyed.
# Yarn-dyed fabric takes more time to produce compared to fabric-dyed.
# Yarn-dyed fabric has less use in the fabric industry compared to fabric-dyed.
# Yarn-dyed fabrics are more often used in the fashion industry.

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Fabric dyed Fabric

# Fabric dyed fabric doesn’t have good color fastness compared to yarn-dyed.
# Fabric dyed fabrics are cheap compared to yarn-dyed fabric.
# Fabric dyed fabric takes less time to produce compared to yarn-dyed fabric.
# This fabrics are used in huge numbers in the fabric industry.
# This fabric has less use in the fashion industry compared to yarn-dyed.

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