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Brush & Flannel Fabric


Brush & Flannel Fabric

Today we will talk about brush fabric. we believe you heard about brushing fabric & flannel fabric a lot in the fabric & textile industry. But do you know about these fabrics and their uses?

The term Brush fabric is widely used in the Technical textile industry but not used as such in the fashion industry. So let us get started to know what brush fabric is all about?

What is the flannel fabric?

As soon as we hear the name of the brush, In our mind it comes to toothbrushes and cleaning brushes, es and to relate this we think this fabric must get cleaned as well and the process is known as a brush but this is not correct.


This fabric is never cleaned with any brush now question is that if the fabric is not get cleaned then what is brush fabric?

The term brush or flannel fabric comes from fabric brushing. actually, When the fabric becomes ready, some fabric is brushed and in this process, the fabric becomes soft raises the surface fibers of a fabric. Brushing fabric can happen on knit as well as the woven type of fabric but brushing is having a different effect on different fabrics .sometimes even few lint are made on the fabric and this process happens by the machine and that particular machine called as brushing machine that’s why these fabric called brush fabric.

Grey Yarn Dyed Flannel Fabric

These processes are done at the end-stage on the fabric and then these fabrics are known as brush fabric, brushing fabric, and so-called fabric.

Pro & Cons of brush fabric


Pro of brushing the fabric

1. soft feeling

2. Woolen look and feel

3. Post brushing, the fabric looks good

4. Easy process

5. widely used in sleepwear fabric

Cons of brushing the fabric

1. fabric cost increases

2. These fabrics are less in width.

3. These fabrics are less in Length.

4. Brushing is not suitable for all types of fabric.

5. After brushing, the thin fabric’s durability Decreases.

Hope after reading this article you have a clear idea about Brushing & flannel fabric now. Thank you for your valuable time.

We will soon come back with another interesting article.

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